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There is nothing more catastrophic to a family then the death of a loved one which could have, and should have, been avoided. Wrongful deaths occur as a reesult of varioous events; medical negligence or carelessness, abuse or neglect, drunk driving incidents or other vehicle related accidents and incidents, slip and fall accidents, violent acts, dangerous or defective products, dog and animal attacks, as well as other dangerous situations or actions of others.Wrongful DeathCohen Law Group at Law has long been an advocates for the rights of those who have lost a loved one due to a wrongful death. We are passionate about seeking justice and legal retribution in the form of compensation for the victim's family. In wrongful death cases, it is important to responsibly and compassionately make sure your loved one's voice is heard.


If your loved one was the victim of a wrongful death, make sure their legal rights are protected. Allow us to assist you in your efforts to hold those responsible accountable. Contact an experienced Orlando wrongful death attorney at Cohen Law Group as soon as possible.


Cohen Law Group is an aggressive law firm which possesses the experience and resources necessary to effectively guide you through each and every aspect of your wrongful death claim.


As your Orlando Wrongful Death Attorney, we will listen to your story, inform you of your legal rights, investigate and analyze the facts of your wrongful death case, and aggressively represent your rights with every legal resource available by law. At Cohen Law Group, we are extremely detailed in our investigation of the facts and evidence of your case, which ensures we always maintain due diligence in our effort to provide each of our wrongful death victim clients the highest standard of legal representation.


Regarding Compensation, as your Orlando Wrongful Death Attorney, we will fight to ensure your legal rights, as well as your loved one's, are protected in an effort to help you recover fair compensation, which include:

  •  Lost Earnings

  •  Medical and Funeral Benefits

  •  Pain and Suffering

  •  Loss of Companionship

  •  Possible Punitive Damages


Civil law suits, unlike a homicide, have statutes of limitations which are time sensitive, limiting the time available to bring a wrongful death claim.