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Traumatic Brain Injuries can occur as a result of various scenerios, such as medical negligence or carelessness, abuse or neglect, drunk driving incidents or other vehicle related accidents, slip and fall accidents, violent acts, dangerous or defective products, dog and animal attacks, as well as other dangerous situations or actions of others.


Traumatic brain injuries can cause various physical and mental problems which may result in a wide array of complications, challenges, and financial burdens. The effects of your injuries can also range from short term, long term or even lead to permanent complications.

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Cohen Law Group is a law firm which possesses the experience and resources necessary to effectively guide you through each and every aspect of your traumatic brain injury claim.


As your Orlando Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney, we will listen to your story, inform you of your legal rights, determine what compensation you may legally entitled to seek, and aggressively represent your rights with every legal resource available by law.  At Cohen Law Group, we are extremely detailed in our investigation of the facts and evidence of your case, which ensures we always maintain due diligence in our effort to provide each of our personal injury clients the highest standard of legal representation.


Regarding Compensation, as your Orlando Traumatic Brain Injury, we will fight to ensure your legal rights are protected in an effort to help you recover fair compensation, which depending upon your unique circumstances, may include:

   •  Injuries sustained 

   •  Lost wages due to time missed from work, and inability to perform your work related duties

   •  Medical bills directly related to your injuries, including medical treatment, and more

   •  Pain and Suffering

   •  Long term or permanent diminished quality of life

   •  And in the unfortunate event of a loss of life, compensation, for the immediate family


If you or a loved one has been a victim resulting in a traumatic brain injury, we urge you to be proactive in ensuring your legal rights are protected by contacting an experienced Orlando traumatic brain injury attorney at Cohen Law Group as soon as possible.


Traumatic Brain Injury claims are time sensitive due to:

   •  Statute of limitations;

   •  The ability to recover essential evidence for your personal injury claim;

   •  The ability to contact all relevant witnesses

   •  To ensure your legal rights are protected


If you have sustained a traumatic brain injury due to the negligence, carelessness or actions of another, you should never take your legal rights lightly. Your rights are a privilege, and our firm considers it an honor to protect those rights by providing professional legal service you can trust and depend upon.