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florida bicycle accident attorneyBeing involved in a Florida bicycle crash is never easy and if you have ever been in one you already know about the road rash, changing bandages, worrying about your bicycle, time off the bike, wondering if the insurance agency is going to replace your bike, will your bike even be covered, being out of work and recovering. It is a long and hard process and nobody should ever have to do it alone. We have been where you are at. Changing bandages on the side of your leg every day for weeks while not being able to sit down or even use your arm, all because a car cut you off or a dog ran out in front of you. That is why we are here to help recover your losses for your bike and make your recovery as quick and painless as possible. We have help cyclists for years and have recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for cyclist to help the rebuild their lives.

Cohen Law Group is quickly becoming one of the leaders as a Florida bicycle accident attorney.
We are here to protect cyclist and help bring cyclist justice.

Cases we Handle

We handle all types of Bicycle cases such as:

  • Incidents where a bicyclist is hit by a automobile
  • Injuries cause by automobiles involving a bicyclist.
  • Incidents caused by dogs chasing and crashing bicyclist.
  • Wrongful Death incidents involving a cyclist.
  • Assisting cyclist with insurance claims resulting from a accident.
  • And many more! If you have been involved in a bicycle accident give us a call so that we can start working for you immediately.

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What You Need To Know!

If you have been involved in a bicycle accident here are a few things you need to be sure to do:
Make sure you get the contact information and names of everyone involved and witnesses.
If you have a phone with you, take photos of the accident and photos of your bike, self, and vehicle involved.
You should get the make, model, license plate and color of the vehicle involved.
The more information you gather the better.
Keep any GPS records you might have. These can show your abrupt stop and timing of the bicycle accident.
Contact and cooperate with law enforcement. Tell the officer what happened and give them your information as well
Make sure you give accurate health information to the medical team that may be assisting you with your accident.

Here are a few things you shouldn’t do when you are involved in a Florida bicycle accident.
Do not try to negotiate with the driver. The issuance company will be the one that will be managing the accident.
Do not let the driver leave the auto accident without first getting the driver’s information such as their driver’s license and their registration.
You should insist on seeing the actual paper copy of both the license and the proof of insurance card.
Make sure you do not talk about the incident with the driver. The insurance company may use this against you.
Do not admit fault.

Contact a lawyer ASAP to learn what you can do to protect yourself.


What are the causes of Most Bicycle Accidents?

  • Cars failing to use turn signals.Vehicles passing and giving 3'
  • Backing over or running int cyclists
  • Automobiles failing to yield the right of way.
  • Running Stop signs and red lights are huge issues.
  • Not Checking blind spots while turning or changinging lanes.
  • Driving under the Influence.
  • Road Rage.
  • Some times drivers never see Bicyclist apporaching an intersection.



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