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mass-tort-litigationWhen a retailer or manufacturer makes and/or distributes a defective product it is considered mass tort litigation. Thousands of innocent people could be injured or die because of the defects associated with the product. There are specific laws to hold retailers liable for injuries and/or deaths caused by their products. If the manufacturer could have foreseen the product being used improperly, and the improper use would cause injury or death, they can be potentially liable. There are many claims asserted for persons injured by defected products such as Negligence, Strict Liability, Breach of Warranty and/or Consumer Protection, Manufacturing or design defects, or Failure to adequately warn the consumer of danger.
Cohen Law Group has skill and experience in trying these complex cases. Through investigation and multiple legal strategies we aggressively represent our clients in achieving just compensation for tragedies that should and could have been avoided.
Cohen Law Group has a plethora of doctors and nurses available to help assist our attorneys in obtaining the most up-to-date medical knowledge of your injuries. Having the best resources available is one of the many strategies we use to obtain the absolute best results for our clients.
If you are a victim of injury or a family member of someone who has died, because of a defective product, please contact our office immediately to pursue your legal rights in a timely fashion.