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Child Support

Child Support can be determined by a variety of factors including amount of overnights being exercised by the non-residential parent; income of both parties including imputation of income if one party is found to be underemployed, costs of health care and child care for the minor children. If one party is receiving alimony, the amount being paid is calculated as income for purposes of calculation of child support.

Do you suspect your spouse has bank accounts you are unaware of? Are they claiming they make less money or do you believe they are purposely underemployed in an attempt to get out of paying their guideline child support obligation? Maybe they have a side business they are not reporting income for. If this is happening to you, Cohen Law Group may be able to help. 

In Florida family law case law and the family law statute make it a right of nay minor child, of a divorce or paternity action to receive support from both parents. Calculating an amount for everyone to pay would have been a judicial nightmare so the child support guidelines were established as a guide to set child support amounts based on many factors including income, child care expenses, and time spent with the child.

Though the guidelines are relied on most of the time, courts do have the discretion to deviate from the guidelines in different situations. If one party is intentionally underemployed, provides incomplete financial information, or who's overall financial circumstances are good enough, a court can impute a higher wage on them or purposes of calculating child support.

The process of calculating child support guidelines is very complicated and mistakes are often made in the calculation that can cost you significantly each moth. You are facing child support payments, on either side, it would be a very good idea to speak to an affordable family law attorney in Orlando as once agree to an amount and go the final judgment. 

If you need legal advice and representation regarding your Parenting Plan, Divorce, or other Family Law Issues or Dispute, we urge you to be proactive in ensuring your legal rights are protected by contacting Cohen Law Group today for a free and confidential consultation.

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