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By Arielle K. Brandt, Esquire | Cohen Law Group

The answer is both. Contrary to popular belief, they are NOT one in the same. The two ideas share common ground, but they have different definitions and impacts for employees and employers alike. 


“At-will” means that you or your employer can end your employment tie for any reason, whether it is a negative or positive motivation.

It also means that the parties can end the relationship for no reason at all, so long as there is not a contract authorizing a different agreement. The upside of “at will” employment is that it gives you the freedom to choose where you work no matter how long the employer-employee relationship has existed. A major drawback is job security. Without a contract, your employer can simply fire you because they dislike the color of your nail polish that specific day.


“Right to work” gives you the right to join, or refuse to join, a labor union.

The Florida Constitution does not allow an employer to refuse to hire, or terminate you because you do not want to pay union dues or because you want (or do not want) to participate in a union. You have a right to work in the state of Florida and it cannot be affected by your union membership decision.

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